Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pigwest's Biography

Alex Riley Wonder blasted sound through Matilda hospital as he was put in his mother’s (Sophie) soft arms on April 17Th 1990. Little Alex was already on the train to fame and fortune. Intelligence was a natural gift and Alex used it well.

Once in year five, Alex had a grudge against a boy called Oscar who sat next to him and one day he devised a devious plan! Alex put super glue on Oscars chair and on the floor so when he sat down he couldn’t have stood up, he would be stuck to the chair.

When everyone came in he waited for the time when Oscar came in but when the door shut he wasn’t in the classroom. Unfortunately, Oscar was sick that day. Literacy was the first lesson and Alex always needed help so the teacher sat in Oscar’s place to help him and the unthinkable happened. By the end of the day, he was a new member of the black book and many other times his name was seen in the very same book…

Secondary school was a tough time for Alex as he was always getting into trouble because he would put headphones in during class and always gets into trouble because he wasn’t listening. His music teacher (Mr. Cando) recalls that he saw talent in Alex before he even opened his mouth. He said, “The way Alex sings and talks is a special gift that not many people possess. Alex’s favorite animal was a pig and when he listened to music he faces west, sometimes he even banged into things, hence the stage name Pig West.

Attending the university of Oxford, were he met his fellow band members, he followed his passion of music to the stage of performing in night clubs and pubs and eventually leaving university to pursue the dream of becoming a worldwide rock star by going to Hollywood. Once in Hollywood he contacted a talent scout who helped the effort of the talented band.

Two months after, Alex was deeply in love with a girl called Ashley Austin and the following month they married. Alex named two of his albums after her and they were both incredibly successful.

Alex’s band members (Mr. Mellow, the Cruzer, DJ Smooth and JohnLemon) were all as successful as him and in many opinions they are the most successful band and currently the band that revolutionized music.

One of a Kind ( Alex’s band name) won 2 Grammy awards and a Smarty’s award and looking forward to their next one with their upcoming album “Everybody Dies”.

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