Thursday, November 25, 2010

DJ Smooth's Biography

DJ Smooth (A.K.A Daniel James Smooth), entered the world on 26th September 1990, he looked rather like a plump, dark red cherry. Baby Smooth had long legs and a small body. His loving parents Jo (short for Joanna) and Calvin loved him so much but had no idea what awaited him in the future.

Smooth’s first school was Kippingston nursery, where he met two friends, Olivia and Bede.

“The three of them could not be separated,” Miss Lovely says, “They were like peas and carrots!”

When Smooth was 3 he pretended he was an adult like his dad (Calvin). Rumours persist that Smooth regularly came out of nursery with a wet bum! So Mrs. Smooth went to investigate. All went well until break time - Smooth waddled over to the toilet and sat on the seat, leant back and fell right into the toilet water. Problem solved!

Smooth’s first primary school was Amherst school, where he stayed for one year then left to go to Kellett primary in Hong Kong. Smooth enjoyed primary school. In P6, he got on the school football team 6 times. For Smooth’s 11th birthday, he got his first guitar because his dad was a famous guitar teacher. By the age of 13, Smooth could play all the Green Day songs off by heart on the guitar. When Smooth was about to go into Secondary his family moved back to England and stayed there. Secondary was not as fun for Smooth as primary was. He found school a waste of time and needed to concentrate on more important things like ‘having fun’.

In 2008, Smooth went to Oxford University and met his fellow band companions: Pig West (Alex Wonder), John Lemon, Mr Mellow (Tom Jones) Tiaz Jack Cruiser. University was great for him - he aced all his lessons!

The band met in university and they thought of the name One of a Kind. They went on to “Britain’s Got Talent” during the break and then received their lucky break. They had a huge crowd of over 80 million people all over the world. They won:

· 4 Grammies

· 3 smarty’s

· And hit the U.S top chart 15 different songs.

One of a Kind, were one of the youngest bands to go on a world tour.

When he was out on a tour he fell in love with a lady called Taylor Shift. Having a relationship for 6 months they got married in Hawaii. Since then they have had two kids - Cameron and Georgia.

One of a kind are still going today. GO AND SEE THEM!! (next tour country Hong Kong).

John Lemon

Born on the 21st January 1990, John Lemon always had a passion for music. His loving parents, Bob and Jill, could always tell that John would be a musician. However, that theory changed as John grew older playing just as much football as he played guitar.

As a two year old, the half Jamaican, half Swedish future rock star moved to England where he met his best friend Tiaz Cruiser. His first schooling took place in London nursery.

At the age of five, Bob and Jill were throwing a cocktail party and there were loads of people at their house and all the adults drank champagne while the kids drank cream soda; in a champagne glass. They all had a great time however when Jill told the sleepy John it was bed time. He grabbed his glass (well at least what he thought was his glass) and downed it in one gulp. Stumbling down the stairs the dizee John fell asleep almost instantly. As Jill went back up after tucking John into bed she noticed that her champagne glass was empty and then saw John’s full glass of cream soda right next to it. John hadn’t drunk cream soda; he had drunk out of his mums’ champagne!

Secondary school was a whole lot of work for John but it taught him a lot. He soon gave up his spot in the Chelsea youth team so that he could focus on his guitar. He joined the school band where his musical talents grew immensely.

As quoted by his guitar tutor ‘That kids got talent and will have an awesome career in music.’ He knows talent when he sees it; he’s a former Jimmy Hendrix tutor.

When he was 18, he went to Oxford where he immediately joined the school band. This is where he met Tom Jones (Mr. Mellow), Daniel Jack Smooth (DJ smooth) and Alex Riley Wonder (Pig west).

They all started a band called Force. A month later Tiaz Cruzer started Oxford and renamed the band - One Of A Kind. Graduating University, One of a Kind decided to become full time rock stars.

The hit rock stars moved to Hollywood where he met a striking lady called Angelina Polie. They have won many awards for their music such as:

· 4 Grammies

· 3 Smarty Awards

· And have hit U.S top charts with 15 Different songs.

· Youngest band to go on a world tour.

And there are more to come…

The Cruizer

Tiaz Jack Cruiser (The Cruiser) was born on the 3rd of October 1990 in California, America.

His loving Mum and Dad (Johnny and Megan) were half Jamaican, half American. From the moment he came out into the open world, his parents knew he had a passion for music - just like his Mum – and for playing Football - just like his Dad.

At the age of three, his family moved to London, U.K. That’s where he met his future best friend John Lemon. They both grew up together going to London International School. Years went past and a Chelsea football agent wanted to scout John and Tiaz. Soon enough they accepted the paper and moved to Chelsea. It was an amazing experience for them; they even saw the first team players like Zola, Terry, and Lampard. One time John and Tiaz did the funniest thing in their whole entire career. They woke up at 6 am grabbed a bottle of grape juice and a bottle of apple juice and went over to the training ground. Which was where the prank would be held?

They soon found the car they were looking for (which was their coaches’ new Lamborghini) and dumped both of the bottles of juice on the car, then they ran far away until there was no chance of getting them. Their coach went mental and determined to find who did it! But he ended up not finding out who it was. The look on his face was hilarious. Tiaz and John played on the same team for the rest of their career, even playing on the first team which was a great experience for them. They won 3 youth team titles, two F.A CUPS and one champions’ league with the first team. He also broke the record for the “youngest team debut” for an English player. Also, the youngest person to win the champions league and score a goal.

At the age of 18, he stopped playing football and left to start playing the drums again. Amazingly, John and Tiaz , both went to Oxford University in the U.K. They both were in the same room with their future band mates: Mr. Mellow, D.J Smooth and Alex Riley Wonder. Soon they found out that they were all very talented musicians and formed a band called “One of a Kind”. They performed many performances after college and had more than 100 million fans all over the world. At the age of 24, Tiaz got married to Megan Wolf and had a baby boy called Alex. He became one of the biggest stars of all times…


1. The most times to hit the U.K top charts.

2. 3 Smarty’s awards

3. 10 Grammy awards.

Pigwest's Biography

Alex Riley Wonder blasted sound through Matilda hospital as he was put in his mother’s (Sophie) soft arms on April 17Th 1990. Little Alex was already on the train to fame and fortune. Intelligence was a natural gift and Alex used it well.

Once in year five, Alex had a grudge against a boy called Oscar who sat next to him and one day he devised a devious plan! Alex put super glue on Oscars chair and on the floor so when he sat down he couldn’t have stood up, he would be stuck to the chair.

When everyone came in he waited for the time when Oscar came in but when the door shut he wasn’t in the classroom. Unfortunately, Oscar was sick that day. Literacy was the first lesson and Alex always needed help so the teacher sat in Oscar’s place to help him and the unthinkable happened. By the end of the day, he was a new member of the black book and many other times his name was seen in the very same book…

Secondary school was a tough time for Alex as he was always getting into trouble because he would put headphones in during class and always gets into trouble because he wasn’t listening. His music teacher (Mr. Cando) recalls that he saw talent in Alex before he even opened his mouth. He said, “The way Alex sings and talks is a special gift that not many people possess. Alex’s favorite animal was a pig and when he listened to music he faces west, sometimes he even banged into things, hence the stage name Pig West.

Attending the university of Oxford, were he met his fellow band members, he followed his passion of music to the stage of performing in night clubs and pubs and eventually leaving university to pursue the dream of becoming a worldwide rock star by going to Hollywood. Once in Hollywood he contacted a talent scout who helped the effort of the talented band.

Two months after, Alex was deeply in love with a girl called Ashley Austin and the following month they married. Alex named two of his albums after her and they were both incredibly successful.

Alex’s band members (Mr. Mellow, the Cruzer, DJ Smooth and JohnLemon) were all as successful as him and in many opinions they are the most successful band and currently the band that revolutionized music.

One of a Kind ( Alex’s band name) won 2 Grammy awards and a Smarty’s award and looking forward to their next one with their upcoming album “Everybody Dies”.

Mr Mellow's Biography

Mr. Mellow was born in 1989 on January the 3rd in the Stride Hospital. At the age of four, his parents had divorced. He went to Helms School in Britain and went all the way through until he was 12 and he got a part time job at Brittan’s got talent back stage.

He still had to go to secondary school he went to helms secondary school and after one year he got kicked out of it because he was very rood to the teachers and being mean to the students.

When he got older he went to England to go to university of oxford were he met his band and they all started making lots of songs together. Their names were DJ Smooth, Pig West, the Cruzer and John lemon when they got out of university all went to Hollywood to find some concerts but they couldn’t find any but while they were there Mr. Mellow met a lady called Katy Cherry they started going out for a month and after that they got married and had two children called Robin and Charlie. They lived happily in Hollywood but Mr. Mellow still had to go and do concerts with his band and they were all still friends he did a lot of concerts they won 10 Grammy awards and, they won three smarty awards and got very famous after that, they are still all friends and still writing songs but they don’t have a big career any more so they don’t do many concerts.