Thursday, November 25, 2010

DJ Smooth's Biography

DJ Smooth (A.K.A Daniel James Smooth), entered the world on 26th September 1990, he looked rather like a plump, dark red cherry. Baby Smooth had long legs and a small body. His loving parents Jo (short for Joanna) and Calvin loved him so much but had no idea what awaited him in the future.

Smooth’s first school was Kippingston nursery, where he met two friends, Olivia and Bede.

“The three of them could not be separated,” Miss Lovely says, “They were like peas and carrots!”

When Smooth was 3 he pretended he was an adult like his dad (Calvin). Rumours persist that Smooth regularly came out of nursery with a wet bum! So Mrs. Smooth went to investigate. All went well until break time - Smooth waddled over to the toilet and sat on the seat, leant back and fell right into the toilet water. Problem solved!

Smooth’s first primary school was Amherst school, where he stayed for one year then left to go to Kellett primary in Hong Kong. Smooth enjoyed primary school. In P6, he got on the school football team 6 times. For Smooth’s 11th birthday, he got his first guitar because his dad was a famous guitar teacher. By the age of 13, Smooth could play all the Green Day songs off by heart on the guitar. When Smooth was about to go into Secondary his family moved back to England and stayed there. Secondary was not as fun for Smooth as primary was. He found school a waste of time and needed to concentrate on more important things like ‘having fun’.

In 2008, Smooth went to Oxford University and met his fellow band companions: Pig West (Alex Wonder), John Lemon, Mr Mellow (Tom Jones) Tiaz Jack Cruiser. University was great for him - he aced all his lessons!

The band met in university and they thought of the name One of a Kind. They went on to “Britain’s Got Talent” during the break and then received their lucky break. They had a huge crowd of over 80 million people all over the world. They won:

· 4 Grammies

· 3 smarty’s

· And hit the U.S top chart 15 different songs.

One of a Kind, were one of the youngest bands to go on a world tour.

When he was out on a tour he fell in love with a lady called Taylor Shift. Having a relationship for 6 months they got married in Hawaii. Since then they have had two kids - Cameron and Georgia.

One of a kind are still going today. GO AND SEE THEM!! (next tour country Hong Kong).

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