Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mr Mellow's Biography

Mr. Mellow was born in 1989 on January the 3rd in the Stride Hospital. At the age of four, his parents had divorced. He went to Helms School in Britain and went all the way through until he was 12 and he got a part time job at Brittan’s got talent back stage.

He still had to go to secondary school he went to helms secondary school and after one year he got kicked out of it because he was very rood to the teachers and being mean to the students.

When he got older he went to England to go to university of oxford were he met his band and they all started making lots of songs together. Their names were DJ Smooth, Pig West, the Cruzer and John lemon when they got out of university all went to Hollywood to find some concerts but they couldn’t find any but while they were there Mr. Mellow met a lady called Katy Cherry they started going out for a month and after that they got married and had two children called Robin and Charlie. They lived happily in Hollywood but Mr. Mellow still had to go and do concerts with his band and they were all still friends he did a lot of concerts they won 10 Grammy awards and, they won three smarty awards and got very famous after that, they are still all friends and still writing songs but they don’t have a big career any more so they don’t do many concerts.

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