Thursday, November 25, 2010

John Lemon

Born on the 21st January 1990, John Lemon always had a passion for music. His loving parents, Bob and Jill, could always tell that John would be a musician. However, that theory changed as John grew older playing just as much football as he played guitar.

As a two year old, the half Jamaican, half Swedish future rock star moved to England where he met his best friend Tiaz Cruiser. His first schooling took place in London nursery.

At the age of five, Bob and Jill were throwing a cocktail party and there were loads of people at their house and all the adults drank champagne while the kids drank cream soda; in a champagne glass. They all had a great time however when Jill told the sleepy John it was bed time. He grabbed his glass (well at least what he thought was his glass) and downed it in one gulp. Stumbling down the stairs the dizee John fell asleep almost instantly. As Jill went back up after tucking John into bed she noticed that her champagne glass was empty and then saw John’s full glass of cream soda right next to it. John hadn’t drunk cream soda; he had drunk out of his mums’ champagne!

Secondary school was a whole lot of work for John but it taught him a lot. He soon gave up his spot in the Chelsea youth team so that he could focus on his guitar. He joined the school band where his musical talents grew immensely.

As quoted by his guitar tutor ‘That kids got talent and will have an awesome career in music.’ He knows talent when he sees it; he’s a former Jimmy Hendrix tutor.

When he was 18, he went to Oxford where he immediately joined the school band. This is where he met Tom Jones (Mr. Mellow), Daniel Jack Smooth (DJ smooth) and Alex Riley Wonder (Pig west).

They all started a band called Force. A month later Tiaz Cruzer started Oxford and renamed the band - One Of A Kind. Graduating University, One of a Kind decided to become full time rock stars.

The hit rock stars moved to Hollywood where he met a striking lady called Angelina Polie. They have won many awards for their music such as:

· 4 Grammies

· 3 Smarty Awards

· And have hit U.S top charts with 15 Different songs.

· Youngest band to go on a world tour.

And there are more to come…

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